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Why it is free ? What's the catch ?

We believe curating top content across channels will help in community engagement & growth. We charge organizations to help them grow their communities.

Why can't I use social media to follow communities ?

Any active social media account is a continuous stream of customer support issues, updates, blog links - drowning you with more noise than relevant content with context.

How are you different from others in fixing the problem ?

We provide weekly comprehensive data about communities you have subscribed, neatly organized in sections helping you to get best information and avoid all the noise.

What benefits do we get from Subscription ?

With subscription, you can access highlights of communities matching your favourite collections of interest via personalized weekly email newsletter and webapp.

How do you personalise content ?

We do not track you secretly to know your personal preferences like other social media sites. We ask you upfront about your preferences & provide matching content.

What is a collection in ForGrowth ?

A collection is a list of communities matching 1 or more user interests. For eg. "Opensource" collection will list all communities which works in the Opensource world.

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