Hit the product market fit. Fast.

You have a product but you are struggling to sell it ? FORGROWTH is a growth platform that helps companies identify market insights to hit product market fit and generate sustainable revenue. 

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ForGrowth makes you generate more revenue

Collecting customer feedbacks can be time consuming. Analysing the results and gain deep insights can be challenging. Aligning product roadmap with customer expectations can be tricky.  ForGrowth help you make it happen.

Better understand you customers

Stop wasting your time trying to collect and gather customer survey data in sheets. Our embedded feedback tool lets you deep dive to better understand what your customers want.


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Since 2019, FORGROWTH has helped +300 companies hit product market fit and increase revenue

Segment your audiences through tailor made surveys 

Take advantage of an extensive library of survey that fits your business and enhance your customer development.

Analyse the feedbacks automatically to gain deep insights and focus on core features to add in your roadmap.

Unlock powerful insights to make product iterations easy

Make sure you hit the product market fit to grow

Track progress over time to ensure you are on the right track to reach product market fit quickly.

A growth engine to help you scale

Product market fit is the number one reason why start up and companies launching new product succeed. ForGrowth is a powerful engine to help companies change their growth trajectory in a couple of weeks.

Blendeez' story

Discover how Blendeez, a software automation platform, managed to better understand the right features to ship, meet market expectations and generate sustainable growth.


Improve acquisition

Stop asking yourself where to start to improve acquisition. By tracking progress, you get the right path develop the right features and hit the product market fit.

Drive customer activations

Stop having prospects that don't buy and make you waste time. Our audience builder let you select the right segment to target to maximise revenue generation. 


Unlimited surveys
12 month data history
 saved reports
Predictive analytics

"I would definitely recommend ForGrowth to anyone whose eager to increase their conversion rates for their products.”
John Smith
Marketing Manager, JAVASTAR

Our pricing is simple in line with our objective 

Make you hit the product market fit. Fast. 

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